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Be a
change maker!

What does "be a change maker" means?

Having the three keywords “engage, empower, connect” as guide principles for the action, being a change maker means have a voice within the community and beyond, either online or offline, and be the change you’d like to see in the future.

About Us

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme.

We are four partners from Italy, Sweden, Romania, and Greece and together we want take action with young European citizens to shape our future!

Our goals

To train youth organisations at grass-root level and youngsters in active citizenship

The E(U)-Academy is the innovative training course for the change makers of the future. Personal and relational skills are the core of the methodology.

To improve cooperation and decision-making and negotiation skills of youngsters

Transnational events in Italy, Romania, Greece, and Sweden called "Fair of change" where youth meet and discuss the draft of the Action Plan.

To provide theoretical and practical information for active participation

The elaboration and publication of a toolkit aimed at youth and youth NGOs to learn theoretical and practical tools to empower their community.

To inform and raise awareness about the main challenges they address

4 video spots about the main challenges for young citizens are part of the communication strategy.
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Everyone can be a change maker, so why don't start today?